The Art of Sandra Goldner







Sandra Goldner

The Art of Sandra Goldner

San Antonio, TX


Once upon a time I had a successful career as a marketing specialist and graphic designer, living an existence that everyone, including myself, perceived as happy and fulfilling. Then one horrible day, a personal tragedy struck my life. To paraphrase a line from William Butler Yeats, "All changed, changed utterly: a terrible beauty was born."

No longer able to function or focus in my previous "semi-charmed life," I turned to painting for refuge and restoration. In this new world of color and expression, I found inner stores of strength and ability I never knew I had. I believe I was given a gift to see and portray the beauty in living things. Thanks to God, a little magic pixie dust and my own Prince Charming, I now spend my days creating art in my Texas hill country studio. Painting makes me feel alive, and my goal is to convey this visual joie de vivre to others.

I specialize in acrylics, with an emphasis on colorful, contemporary and semi-abstract paintings. My style has no definitive label, as I am constantly experimenting, growing, and going wherever a project takes me. My passion is painting dogs, and I am available for commissioned paintings from a photo of your pet. I also love capturing the art of nature in photos.

And I lived semi-happily ever after . . .

All paintings, drawings and photographs shown on my pages are Copyright, Sandra Goldner, 2013.



Eyes of Love by Sandra Goldner


Indiana Sunset by Sandra Goldner


Bully for Me by Sandra Goldner


Beach Dawgs by Sandra Goldner


Hello Dahlia by Sandra Goldner


Rosy Morning by Sandra Goldner


Uprising by Sandra Goldner


Two Sunny by Sandra Goldner


Sweetheart Tulip by Sandra Goldner


Shadow Dancer by Sandra Goldner


Vines of Our Times by Sandra Goldner


Cheery Tomatoes by Sandra Goldner


Gladdy Ola by Sandra Goldner


Head 'Em Up by Sandra Goldner


Hill Country Dusk by Sandra Goldner


Coming Home by Sandra Goldner


A Mice Night by Sandra Goldner


The Crystal Catcher by Sandra Goldner


Color Dancer by Sandra Goldner


Pinka Vinka by Sandra Goldner